A trip to Tibet

News picture-A trip to Tibet
Two team-building trips a year, which is the company's corporate culture, which has lasted for 6 years.

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Ningbo Songmile Packaging Co., Ltd. It has two team-building trips a year, which is the company’s corporate culture, which has lasted for 6 years.

This year, due to the COV-19, we were unable to travel abroad, so we arranged Tibet, the most beautiful plateau in China. Tibet is a mysterious, beautiful, and ethnically characteristic autonomous region. It has the plateau snow-capped mountains that we usually can’t see, the mysterious properties ,the Buddhist beliefs, and the folk customs……

We departed from Ningbo and arrived in Chengdu.

After a hot pot meal, we flew to Daocheng Yading Airport,the highest civilian airport in the world. Flying side by side with snow-capped mountains all the way is really rare.

Daocheng Yading, the highest town in Sichuan Province, attracts tourists from all over the world. It has beautiful scenery, but it takes nearly 8 hours of walking to reach the peak, a painful and happy journey. Let us experience its shock together!

Next is an 8-day off-road vehicle tour, and introduce our itinerary:

Shangri-La-Jinsha River Turn-Feilai Temple-Meili Snow Mountain-Lancang River Grand Canyon-Zuogong-Nujiang Grand Canyon- -Ranwu Lake-Linzhi-Lhasa-Yarlung Zangbo River-Yamdrok Lake









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