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Year End Summary
How time flies! The year of 2022 came to the end. It was the third year under the influence of COVID-19.

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How time flies! The year of 2022 came to the end. It was the third year under the influence of COVID-19. Ningbo Songmile was still keeping increasing in business and reached the goal of the annual business even though there was depressed recession of economy caused by the Covid-19 this year. Therefore, Songmile held the annual summary meeting on Jan. 6th which was a reward and praise to the employees who made contributions and also was a prospect for the new year of 2023.

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At the beginning of the meeting, it was the most exciting moment. It was to pay the bonuses. Every salesman got rewarded by their sales performance. They took turns to get the bonuses for their hard working. The bonuses filled them with joy and happiness. We should always believe there will be harvest for every effort just as any old saying goes “No pain, No gain”. Not only salesmen but also everyone in the company got the reward. Songmile would never forget the hard working of everyone in the company since we are always like a family!

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Songmile also introduced the new promotion rules for 2023 in details for different positions, everyone got aware of their duties of work and goals for new year. Also, everyone took turns to make presentations to summarize their work in 2022 and list their work plan for new year.

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The year 2022 had come to an end, and 2023 is a new year full of hope and challenges. Hope everyone in Songmile can be always active and enthusiastic to their work and life. Hope Songmile can have a new achievements on business in 2023! 

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