Notice About CNY Holiday

CNY Holiday
Time files,we come to the end of 2022,we all very appreciate to your support during this year.

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Dear ,Hope everything goes well with you and your family!

Time files,we come to the end of 2022,we all very appreciate to your support during this year.I write to you here for below two points:

Maybe you already heard from news that the government of China already canceled all limits for COVID-19 this month,our life is coming normal as before,but accompanying problem is more and more people will be infected within a short time.

Up to now,90% workers in our factory already infected and can’t work now,40% colleagues in our office also feel bad and saty in home.This will influence our delviery time seriously.So we remind as below:

1-If you already placed some orders and need ship before our CNY holiday,pls kindly contact our salesman to recheck the situation,we also will contact you,but if anyone missed,pls contact us for conformation.

2-If you still havn’t arranged some orders until now,but need ship at the first time after our CNY holiday,We suggest you can confirm these order before this month,as currently situation,we must will have some orders’finish time delay to feb 2023.Our factory need finish these orders should have finish before our holiday at first time.So our delivery time for new orders need around March 2023 now.But if you have special request for delivery time also contact our salesman to check one by one.

3-For product price,we still keep same with before,even our product price alredy incresed 30%~50% in Chinese market.

The other thing is notification of our CNY holiday:

Chinese New YearFrom Jan.21th,2023
Our OfficeJan.17th,2023-Jan.28th,2023
Our FactoryJan.10th,2023- Feb.10th,2023

As you see,we will have long time holiday for our new year,especially for our factory.This also influence our delivery time largely,if you still want to ship goods before our holiday or the first two weeks when our office return to work,need to order before 18th DEC.

Above informations for your reference,you can arrange purchase orders base on these to avoid affecting your business.

Thanks again for your understand and support!

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Happy New Year

Notice About CNY Holiday

Time files,we come to the end of 2023,we all very appreciate to your support during this year.

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