The CNY Holiday 2021

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Spring Festival holiday and working time arrangement.

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The Spring Festival is the most important festival in China. In the Spring Festival, all family members will get together, just like Christmas in the West. 

Its origin is ancient, but many believe the word Nian, which means “year”, was the name of a beast that preyed on people on the eve of a new year. During the Spring Festival, we can eat a lot of delicious food, and the food is different from some different places.  For example,The northerners eat Jiao Zi, but southerners like to eat Nian Gao, which translates to “New Year Cake”.  In Chinese, Nian Gao is a homonym for high. In addition, there are also have many customs, such as saul dust, lucky money, pictures, spring couplet, house, and so on. Children love Spring Festival because they can receive red packets! And they can also light firecrackers. Lighting Firecrackers used to be one of the most important customs in the Spring Festival celebration.

All in all, the Chinese New Year is a traditional festival in that China is rich with the most special features. It symbolizes the lunar calendar for the old year to end.

The new year has already started. The people will take leave cold monotonous of winter, greet the organic full of life spring.

As we approach the holiday season and year-end, our production time will be limited and adjusted. 

Our office will be closed during the CNY holiday :

From February 7th to February 19th

Our workshop will be closed during the CNY holiday :

From February 8th to February 26th

Wish You Peace And Happiness In The New Year!

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