What are the components of the airless bottle?

The components of an airless bottle typically include Outer shell,Base plate,Piston,Pump,Nozzle,Dip tube,Cap.

The components of an airless bottle typically include:

Outer shell – This is the main body of the bottle that holds the product.

Base plate – This is the bottom of the bottle that the piston rests on.

Piston – This is the component that sits against the base plate and pushes the product up as you use it.

Pump – This is the component that creates the vacuum inside the bottle, which helps to prevent air from getting into the product.

Nozzle – This is the part of the bottle that dispenses the product.

Dip tube – This is the tube that extends from the pump to the bottom of the bottle, allowing the product to be dispensed.

Cap – This is the top part of the bottle that covers the nozzle and helps to keep the product fresh.


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