What are the components of the trigger sprayer?

The components of a trigger sprayer typically include Trigger head or handle,Nozzle,Dip tube, Filter,Gasket,Bottle adapter,Spring,Piston.
Trigger Sprayer

The components of a trigger sprayer typically include:

  • Trigger head or handle: This is the part that you hold and press to activate the sprayer.
  • Nozzle: This is the part that releases the liquid in a spray that can be adjusted from a fine mist to a steady stream.
  • Dip tube: This is a long plastic tube that reaches down into the container and draws the liquid up into the sprayer.
  • Filter: This is a small mesh screen that filters out debris and prevents clogging.
  • Gasket: This is a rubber or plastic seal that prevents leaks between the trigger head and the bottle.
  • Bottle adapter: This is the part that attaches to the opening of the bottle or container.
  • Spring: This is a small spring that returns the trigger to its original position after each use.
  • Piston: This is a small plastic piece that moves up and down inside the sprayer to compress the liquid and force it out of the nozzle.


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