What is the primary component of plastic?

The main component of most plastics is a crude oil or natural gas derivative.
plastic product

The main component of most plastics is a crude oil or natural gas derivative.

There are numerous types of plastics, including clear, cloudy, solid color, flexible, rigid, soft, and so on.

Plastic products are frequently made from a polymer resin that has been mixed with a variety of additives. Each additive is important because it is used to provide plastic with targeted optimum properties such as toughness, flexibility, elasticity, color, or to make it safer and hygienic to use for a specific application (ref).


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How do automated machines work?

The machinery is operational. Stable, rapid, low noise, excellent precision, with a 99.9% yield rate. It is efficient and stable, easy to use and maintain, and combines assembly and testing. Customized designs can be carried out to satisfy customers’ assembly needs for various products and reduce the number of assembly staff for customers. It also cuts product production costs significantly, allowing customers to increase profit margins and market potential.

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Which colour dropper glass bottle is more suitable for skincare packaging?

Amber and darker-colored glass are ideal for light-sensitive compositions. Lighter colors, as well as clear glass paired with secondary packaging to shield from light exposure, perform well when the product appearance is more important. When choosing between clear and colored glass, test your formula to see if light deterioration is an issue.

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What are the advantages of PE bottles?

Recyclable After recycling, discarded PE bottles can be recycled to manufacture new PE products, contributing to resource conservation and environmental protection.

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