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Songmile Packaging is a global professional supplier of plastic packaging products that help our customers take advantage of our constantly improving household cleaning, personal care & cosmetic packaging performance to obtain the best user experience. Our products include Trigger Sprayers, Lotion Pumps, Mist Sprayers, Foam Pumps, Cream Pumps, Plastic Cap Lids, Bottles, Essential Oil Bottles & Droppers, and more.

Songmile Packaging is a limited company that does business in more than 80 countries. The company’s manufacturing facility is located in Ningbo China, which is the packaging factory we set up: Yuyao Songmile Plastic Company Ltd. It covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters, there are more than 100 workers, 40 injection molding machines, automatic assembly equipment 20, still increasing. Songmile Packaging has advanced, professional technology and equipment, including mold design, automatic injection molding, automatic assembly and quality inspection, our sales and technical experts to help you apply or develop products and solutions for you and provide you with samples of our products for evaluation.

We believe in pragmatic design and reflection in practice and produce each product with first-class quality at an affordable price. We started our business 14 years ago with a passion for the production and design of spray products since they are widely used, but the components choice and the quality are not very friendly. Our expertise in plastic packaging puts us in a position to create efficient, practical products and solutions.

By using highly recyclable PE, PET materials, you are creating a healthy and hopeful future. The entire container designed can be recycled as a whole, which greatly increases its environmental friendliness. SAY NO TO THE ALMOST AND YES TO THE TERRIFIC, as we offer you the very best packaging solutions.


We are highly professional. We provide you with targeted and effective ways to address your product needs and even increase consumer value through our experienced sales experts.


Give you complete and stable support to your packaging business by utilizing our strong team and rich experience in tooling, design, sales, production, quality inspection and transportation.


Embrace the latest technology and innovation, to create a more comprehensive type of packaging, to achieve sales win-win.

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Who We Are

To enrich people’s daily lives and improve the user experience of the product through effective, complete packaging.

Pragmatic to business, Efficiency to implementation, Stability to finished, Enterprising to service.

Always take the customer as the starting point, strike the best balance between product design and solution, price and quality, manufacture and environment.

To build and maintain customer relationships based on trust and credibility, we treat customers with sincerity and professionalism and avoid arrogance at all times.

Why Songmile Packaging

Our Markets

Household Cleaning

Household Cleaning

Personal Care

Personal Care



Purchasing Steps

Buyers first visit our website and then send us an inquiry by filling in the form. Our sales experts will quote the buyer after obtaining the purchase information. After both parties confirm all transaction details, we will send samples to the buyer. If the buyer is satisfied with the sample, we confirm the final order.

After the factory has produced the goods, they will be shipped to the country/region where the buyer is located.