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Trigger Sprayer

Where will the trigger sprayer be applied?

Trigger spray bottles are commonly used in chemical, household, and industrial products. Many household cleaning products, including glass cleaners, toilet cleaners, sink cleaners, and lawn care products, are available in trigger spray bottles.

Lotion Pump

How does the lotion pump work?

A lotion pump is a device that dispenses a specific amount of product by using a vacuum. When the pump’s actuator is pressed, it produces

Roll On Bottle (1)

What is glassblowing?

To roll and shape the glass, glassblowers frequently use a large, flat surface known as a marver.

Car Perfume Bottle

What is Car Fragrance?

A car oil diffuser is a simple device that can make your commute more pleasant. It can freshen the air in your car.

Airless Bottle (2)

What are makeup bottles made of?

Cosmetic bottles made of PET. PET materials have a transparent appearance, which allows for the creation of various types.

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