How to discern right-left lotion pump and screw lotion pump?

The lotion pump in our company can be divide into two types. The first one is right-left lotion pump, and the other one is screw lotion pump.

Screw Lotion Pump 16 1

The biggest difference in them is that the way how to use it. For the first one, when we use it, we should rotate it left and right and it turns on and off. For the other one, when we need to use it, we rotate it and it pops up. They also differ in the amount of liquid discharged.  And about the closure, they both have two styles, Lace and glossy. And here’s another kind of product that belongs inside screw lotion pump, it’s called big pump, it’s advantage is that it squeezes out more liquid in a single press.

Right Left Lotion Pump 7

Overall both products have their own advantages. If you want to know more, welcome to our website!


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