Banquet of songmile,Welcome to 2024!

Banquet Of Songmile (2)
Banquet of Ningbo Songmile——26th,January,2024

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Our boss James and Lisa gave a speech:

— Affirm the efforts of Songmile partners in the past year and look forward to a more perfect future.

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Banquet Of Songmile 4

Friends from India joined the banquet, combining Chinese and Western, making the New Year flavor stronger.

They sang “Aankhein Khuli” and we presented them with a special gift of the Chinese Year of the Dragon, demonstrating our friendship.

Banquet Of Songmile 5

Partners from Songmile also joined in the offering, showing their personal charm and stirring up a round of applause. The audience was enchanted in the wonderful songs. What a warm and happy Songmile family banquet!

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Banquet Of Songmile 8

We meet in Songmile! Delicious food, warm atmosphere,!let us look forward to the future intimate cooperation between each other.

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Banquet Of Songmile 10

After dinner, we played traditional Chinese small games, everyone was happy and enjoyed themselves.

Banquet Of Songmile 11

Our company has a recreation area where people play billiards to relax.

Banquet Of Songmile 12

What comes into view is our elaborate gift, everyone has,we hope everyone in our banquet can have fun .

Banquet Of Songmile 13
Banquet Of Songmile 14

Specially prepared for the annual meeting of the exquisite Year of the Dragon cake, wish we can ride the wind next year.

Banquet Of Songmile 15

As a coastal city – Ningbo, seafood is an indispensable beauty on our table

Banquet Of Songmile 16

Finally, the photo of our Songmile family, everyone dressed beaming, ready to welcome a better 2024!

Banquet Of Songmile 1

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