What are the benefits of using foaming hand sanitisers?

Useful - The rich lather makes application a pleasurable sensory experience. This increases hand hygiene compliance.
Foam Pump Bottle

Here are some of the key benefits of using foaming hand sanitisers:

Better coverage – Because foam formulations spread easily across the skin and hands, the sanitizer may make complete contact with the skin’s surface. When compared to gel sanitizers, this boosts antibacterial efficacy.

Less product is required – Because foam sanitizers flow in a rich lather, just a little amount (typically 1-2 pumps) is required each usage. This extends the life of the sanitizer.

Quick evaporation – Although alcohol-based foaming sanitisers have a high alcohol concentration, they evaporate quickly, leaving hands dry in seconds after rubbing them together. This enhances the user experience.

moisturizing component – To condition the skin, several foaming hand sanitisers contain moisturizing components such as aloe vera. This helps to compensate for the drying effects of the alcohol.

The white foam gives visual assurance that hands have been fully covered for the specified sanitising contact time.

Useful – The rich lather makes application a pleasurable sensory experience. This increases hand hygiene compliance.

So in summary, the foam format optimises antimicrobial activity, cost-efficiency, skin tolerance and user experience.


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