Why should you choose vacuum bottles to fill your serums?

Vacuum bottles aid in the preservation of serum stability, effectiveness, and availability. It also aids in the prevention of contamination and oxidation.
Airless Pump Bottle

Reduces contamination risk – The vacuum atmosphere helps to keep bacteria, mold, and other pollutants out of the serums during filling. This maintains sterility.

Reduces oxidation – Many natural serum constituents, such as plant extracts and vitamins, are susceptible to oxygen exposure. Using vacuum bottles reduces interaction with air and prevents oxidative damage.

Allows for cold filling – Some serums require refrigeration while filling to keep active components stable. Cold sterile filling processes are possible with vacuum bottles.

Allows for easy filling – A vacuum system’s pressure differential allows liquids to flow readily and smoothly into the bottles. This allows for precise filling of tiny batches.

Reduces product loss – When compared to alternative methods, vacuum filling helps prevent overflow occurrences, spills, or wasted product during the filling process.

Connecting full vacuum bottles to capping/seaming machinery allows for more efficient packaging in an enclosed environment.

To summarize, vacuum filling allows for sterile, smooth, and safe serum filling while minimizing product loss. The reduced exposure to air and temperature control aid in the preservation of integrity and potency. So there are numerous reasons why serum manufacturers should use vacuum bottles.


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