How can I pick the best hand sanitizer for me?

it is critical to select a hand sanitizer that matches you and puts you in a good mood. Don't be deceived by the price or packaging; the aroma is entirely subjective.
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  • Know your skin type and choose moisturising hand sanitisers for dry skin, non-greasy hand sanitisers for oily skin, and fragrance-free, low irritation hand sanitisers for sensitive skin.
  • Concentrate on the cleansing chemicals in hand sanitizers – Select soap ingredients with strong cleansing properties, such as vegetable saponins and sodium fatty acids. Avoid using strong synthetic detergents.
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  • Check the product’s pH – hand sanitizers with a pH close to neutral are gentler on the skin. Typically, a range of 5.5-7 is desirable.
  • Choose hand sanitizers that contain hand care chemicals such as alanine, glycolic acid, sodium pantothenate, and others that can assist to moisturize the skin while cleansing.
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  • To avoid contact allergies that might cause skin irritation on the hands, choose fragrance-free or naturally flavored hand sanitizers.
  • Avoid using antibacterial or antiseptic hand sanitizers for an extended period of time since they can be quite irritating to the skin. Use only when absolutely necessary.
  • Reasonable prices – Both high and cheap prices do not always indicate a good product.
  • Choose a high-volume, reputable brand to ensure quality and safety.
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Overall, it is critical to select a hand sanitizer that matches you and puts you in a good mood. Don’t be deceived by the price or packaging; the aroma is entirely subjective.


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