Group Travel of Ningbo Songmile

Group Travel Of Songmile
Group Travel of Ningbo Songmile——Qiandao Lake,July,2022

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Ningbo Songmile Packaging Co., Ltd set the first team-building trips on the beautiful Qiandao Lake in the 2022 year.

If you did not visit Qiandao Lake this summer, you would regret all year . Despite the intensive heat all over Zhejiang province, you can always enjoy a pleasant stay at the summer resort here.

It took us approximately three hours of drive from Ningbo to reach the first site of Qiandao Lake, the Forest Oxygen Bar.

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With a most fascinating natural scenery, Forest Oxygen Bar was covered by greenery. The beautiful landscape of the primitive forest, the overlapping peaks and mountains, the turbulent flows of water and river, all of those pristine natural sceneries offer you the refreshing breeze along with the comfort of forest oxygen bar which cools you down all summer along! This coolness was the most desire for us, which delivered abundant happiness and healing. This is where we traversed the semi-primitive forest, cleansed our lungs with oxygen, and participated in the skimming game, which brought surprise and a sense of being free.

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Afterwards, we departed for a cycling trip around the lake. We were able to appreciate the unique bicycle culture while riding and exercising. The wind was blowing, the thick clouds were drifting far away,and we were moving between the crystal blue Qiandao Lake and the lush greenery which present the beauty of nature and the pleasure of riding to us. However, we are really worn out after an hour and a half of cycling.

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The next day, everyone got up early for a lake tour. With a bright sunshine and a stunning view of the lake and mountains, the scenery was breathtaking. With music looping in our ears, the yacht cruised swiftly through the mountains, leaving us with a feeling of sailing towards the sea.

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