Group Travel of Ningbo Songmile

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Group Travel of Ningbo Songmile——Xinjiang,July,2022

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Ningbo Songmile Packaging Co., Ltd. It has two team-building trips a year, which is the company’s corporate culture, which has lasted for 6 years.

The travel of this year is Xinjiang, the most extensive region in China, which is a multi-ethnic autonomous region famous for its rich natural and cultural landscapes. With the world’s second highest peak at 8,600m and the lowest depression in China at 154m below sea level, there are over 1,000 famous sights to see in Xinjiang. So do not hesitate to follow us on our Xinjiang Tour!

To start with, we took off from Ningbo, flied over 4000km and landed in Urumqi. And during this wonderful trip, we have driven for 6000km within 8 days and totally immersed ourselves in the beautiful scenery all along the road, from Kanas to the end of the Dokku Highway (the full route was as follows: Kanas, Hemu, Sayram Lake, Yili Narathi Grassland, Bayanbulak Grassland, Dokku Highway).


The most unforgettable place for me is Kanas,Kanas Lake is the snowy peak of Kanas Lake, standing on the green slope and murin, with beautiful lakes and mountains. It is known as “the fairyland on earth and the garden of God”.

Team 2
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As a member of the “Ningbo Top Foodies Group”, none of us could not resist the temptation of Xinjiang food. Every single one of them tantalized our taste buds greatly, such as roast whole lamb, roasted stuffed bun, Xinjiang pilaf, naan, mutton shashlik, pulled noodles, handmade ice cream and yoghurt and other delicacies.

Delicious Food
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