Happy 6th birthday to Ningbo Songmile Packaging

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Celebrate the 6th anniversary of the founding of Songmile.

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Ningbo Songmile Packaging Co., LTD & Yuyao Songmile Plastic Industry Co., Ltd, a professional global packaging supplier. The company main production a series of plastic products such as trigger sprayers, lotion pumps, mist sprayers,cream pumps,foam pumps,caps,bottles,cream jars, etc.

Our founder, Mr. James started his own business of trigger sprayer after being working in this field for over 3 years, a company named Ningbo Boland Industry co., ltd began operation, as a privately-owned company in 2010.
Our first workshop was built this year in Yuyao, Ningbo, which is about 1000㎡, we started to design and produce our own products.

In April 2014, Ningbo Songmao Packaging Co., Ltd. was established.6 years so far.

In 2019, our factory will be expanded to 5000 square meters, the number of injection molding machines will be increased to 30, and the number of automated assembly equipment will be increased to 20. Yuyao Songmao Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. was formally registered and achieved independent operation.

In April 2020, Ningbo Songmao Packaging Co., Ltd. was established for 6 years. During this special outbreak of NCP, we had our 6th birthday.

Hope that we will grow together in the future. Welcome to join us!

宁波松茂包装有限公司&余姚松茂塑业有限公司,是一家专业的全球包材供应商, 公司主要生产手扣式喷雾器,乳液泵,香水喷头,粉泵,泡沫泵,盖子和瓶子等一系列相关塑料产品。

我们的创始人朱立松先生从2007年开始从事本行业, 于2010年创立了宁波博蓝实业有限公司, 并设立厂房1000平米,开始自行生产设计喷雾类产品。


2019年,我们的厂房扩大到5000平米, 注塑机增加至30台,自动化组装设备增至20台。余姚松茂塑业有限公司正式注册并实现独立运营。



P C: 315176
TEL: +86 574 87536046/89070847
CEL: +86 15381933749
EMAIL: info@song-mile.com
SKYPE: zhulisong-820626
WhatsApp: +86 15381933749
Facebook: +86 13732170753

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