Songmile Packaging 9th Anniversary Celebration

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Ningbo Songmile Packaing Co.,Ltd’s 9th Anniversary

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April 1th this year is Ningbo Songmile Packaing Co.,Ltd’s 9th anniversary. In order to celebrate this big day, all the company members went to half mountain with water Resort. The activities are based on the theme of the ultimate team culture experience, making our team’s Sharing, Consensus, Co- Create, Act Together to an extreme high level.

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The activities were carried out in a team spirit of cohesion, implementation, communication, cooperation and goals in order to ensure each participant fully express themselves and work together to challenge the limits. The activities are carried out in such a way that the reward and punishment are combined through the whole process, which is both motivating and impressive.

Activity Purpose:

  • Relax, unleash your passion and recharge your batteries with fun while experiencing the programme
  • Improve communication and information exchange between the organization and internal and external parties
  • Build communication awareness and laying the foundation for building a core team
  • Enhance team cohesion and morale
  • Foster a mindt of gratitude and improve the sense of responsibility of team partners
  • Challenge ourselves, break out of our comfort zone and increase our adaptability
  • Boosting team member’s efficiency in difficult conditions

half mountain with water Resort Profile

This resort is located at Longguan Village, Haishu District, Ningbo City. The transportation is convenient. It is 40 km from downtown Ningbo, 8 km to Dongqiao exit of Yongjin Expressway, 18 km to Lishe International Airport. It is developed independently and wholly owned by the Wanhui Group, with a total planning area of 717 hectares, with a total investment of US$150 million. It is a comprehensive tourism resort with accommodation, catering, expansion, business meetings, wellness and holiday travel. It is away from the hustle of the city with beautiful mountains and fresh air.

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Activities Details

1.Team Building

  • Introduction to the basic ideas about teams
  • Grouping and laying out the corporate culture of each group
  • Designing team names, choosing team captains, creating team logos and team mottos
  • Group presentation of the results of team culture building
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2.The power of breathing

The Power of Breathing is an excellent project to promote team communication and collaboration. Each group will be given a drawing of the structure, but only leader will see it.

How to describe the drawing to other team members, so that they can build the structure from the information the leader expressed efficient , which testing the team’s mutual communication skills. On the other hand, each group has a limited amount of material to work with.

How to allocate limited material and how to adjust the strategic direction when problems are encountered are also challenges.

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Within the time limit, the instructor will give each person 1 to 3 cards at random depending on the size of the group. The cards given to you are to be kept strictly confidential and only you are allowed to see them. The cards will be handed to the instructor in the correct logical order and the task will be completed if the order is correct.


4.Bumper ball fight

Participants should be dressed in bumper balls. And an area is defined, such as a circle. Once the game starts, one person needs to bump the other person out of the circle or the specific area.

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5.Balloon Volleyball

Balloon Volleyball is a modification of beach volleyball, which is an extremely entertaining and exciting sport. The rules is similar to the beach volleyball. The difference is that the balloon volleyball’s diameter is 1.5m.

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