Unforgettable Memories Of Songmile Team Building

Group 1
The winter seems to be much colder under the epidemic influence, but the members of Songmile  are still enthusiastic to the life and work.

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The winter seems to be much colder under the epidemic influence, but the members of Songmile  are still enthusiastic to the life and work.

In order to reward all members for their hard work the whole year, a long-expected outdoor team building activity came as scheduled. We went to camping center in Yuyao Ningbo and had a really wonderful day. Everything on that day was so perfect, warm sunshine, wide grass, beautiful scenery… This team building makes everyone know each other better, relax and love the team more.

Group 1

We enjoyed the beauty of nature, meanwhile we did a lot of fun outdoor sports…

2022 Winter Olympics held in Beijing, bringing the Curling into our sight once again. We also experienced the floor curling, we were all eager to try, chasing each other on the curling track and had a great time. What’s more, we also experienced the frisbee that young people love most nowadays. They cooperated well with each other and running happily. We can feel the young, energetic and positive characters on the Songmile team.

Group 10
Group 3

Different from ordinary KTV, we chose outdoor KTV this time, which added so much to our team build trip. With charming sunshine and extensive lawn, come and sing along!

Group (4) Comp
Group (5) Comp
Group (5) Comp

If there is no food on team building day, it is without interest. There was not only nutritionally balanced lunch, a barbecue made by professional chefs, but also a variety of desserts and fruits. What brilliant happiness we had.

Group 6
Group (7) Comp
Group (8) Comp

Happy time always flied by, but memories can be cherished forever!

The outdoor team building with various activities enhanced members’ friendship, strengthened communication, and also well reflected the young, energetic and active look of team! Sincerely hope all members on Songmile can work happily and enjoy life.

Group 9

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